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Congressman Dave Loebsack has become the 141st co-sponsor of the Washington DC Admission Act!

"Every citizen who wishes to should be allowed to exercise the full rights that American citizenship entails. It is wrong that DC residents are taxed without being represented in Congress and we must continue to work to change it" - Congressman Loebsack

Thank you Congressman!!! 


Norton Blasts King For Introducing Anti-Union Bill

Norton Blasts King For Introducing Anti-Union Bill Uniquely Targeting D.C.’s Labor Laws, Expects To Defeat Bill For Ninth Straight Time.

November 27, 2017 3:37 pm 

These Two Places Could Be the 51st and 52nd States of America

BY  August 10 2017

Could we add two more stars to the American flag in the near future? Experts say yes.

Great day at the 1st Annual Polk County Democrats Steak Fry September 30th!

Until ALL Americans have representation in our federal government, we will keep fighting and make sure this issue is front and center at the caucuses, with all our elected officials and every elected official that comes to Iowa! Just want to thank everyone again for stopping by our booth at the steak fry yesterday! We had so many people sign on to our effort from all over Iowa including all these great counties: Polk, Scott, Dallas, Lee, Johnson, Woodbury, Blackhawk, Story, Linn, Union and Warren! LIKE our page! SHARE this post! JOIN the fight! #DCstatehood