It's time to make New Columbia a state!

About Us


Recognizing the history of our nation’s foundation on the principle of the rights of all people to self-government, the purpose of the organization is to educate and engage the citizens of Iowa in a non-partisan effort to support the people of the District of Columbia and their right to fair and equal representation in Congress, to govern themselves without congressional interference and to become the 51st state of the United States.

Our Board

Kent Balduchi

Jacquie Easley

Jennifer Lunsford - Secretary

Leann Riding - Treasurer

Dr. Selden Spencer

Founder and Director

Tamyra Harrison

About Us

Who Are We?


 We are Iowans who endorse and encourage citizens and our members of Congress to support Statehood & full democracy for the District of Columbia that will guarantee to the residents of the District of Columbia full Congressional voting representation, budget autonomy, and all of the rights that the people of the 50 United States enjoy. 

We're Going To Add Another Star!


First, shadow United States Senator Paul Strauss visited Iowa in February of 2015.  Inspired by his words and passion for his cause, in March of 2015, the Polk County Democrats passed a resolution in favor of D.C. Statehood.  In 2016, support was passed in platforms at the county, district and finally the state level in Iowa.  We plan to keep this a key issue and further grow our support until another star is added to our flag! 

Be A Part Of History!


We need to keep the momentum going and we need you to do it.  Contact us for volunteer opportunities and help generate support across the state and the country!